“Storage Wars” Lawsuit Claims Show Is Fake

Former star David Hester makes explosive claims after getting the axe

We all know that reality shows are, to some extent or another, not 100 percent “real” but, according to a new lawsuit, where the hit A&E series “Storage Wars” is concerned, nothing we see on screen is real.

Whether scripted or just edited in a certain way, most reality shows are dramatized to boost their chances at making a killing in the ratings.

As former “Storage Wars” star David Hester puts in a new lawsuit obtained by TMZ, this particular show is almost entirely rigged, because producers are practically behind everything we see on screen.

Hester was fired from the show, and he’s now saying it was only because he found out and confronted the producers about the rather unorthodox practices they were using.

Admittedly, while the show might make viewers believe that its stars are bidding on unseen items inside storage containers, producers are actually amping up the drama by placing certain items inside, chosen beforehand precisely for their value.

“Hester claims in one case producers planted a BMW mini car under a pile of trash. In another case, Hester alleges producers planted a pile of old newspapers that announced the death of Elvis. For some reason, that's a valuable commodity,” TMZ writes of the documents filed in court.

The show is fake to such an extent that producers even forced “less photogenic cast members” to get plastic surgery. Producers paid for the interventions, thinking this would boost ratings.

“Hester claims in the suit he was wrongfully terminated because he blew the whistle,” TMZ writes, so he’s now seeking compensation.

In a statement to the same media outlet, a spokesperson for the show denies all claims (as was to be expected), hinting that this is a clear case of sour grapes.

“Dan Dotson – the guy behind the show's auction company – disagrees, telling TMZ, every unit seen on the show is legit and has a seal on it before they open it... making it impossible for A&E to tamper with the units before filming begins,” the celebrity e-zine writes.

A&E is refusing to comment on the lawsuit, saying it’s not network policy to publicly address pending litigation.

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