“Storage Wars” Drops 3 More Members After Lawsuit

Producers are thinking of cutting more expensive cast members, while expanding the show

A&E is still duking it out in court with former “Storage Wars” cast member David Hester over claims of breach of contract and that the show is fake but, at the same time, it’s expanding the series, a new report claims.

However, this is happening at the expense of older, costlier cast members, Radar Online writes, citing inside sources familiar with the production.

At least 3 popular members are being slowly – but surely – cut out.

“Now Radar has learned that Darrell Sheets was frozen out of approximately six extra episodes of Storage Wars. And auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson were also cut back in the season that just finished shooting,” Radar writes.

All 3 are said to be very upset by the way the network is handling the matters, and are probably thinking of suing as well, the report suggests.

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