“Storage 24” Red-Band Trailer: More Nasty Aliens, More Gore

When something is designed to keep things locked in, how do you get out?

“Storage 24,” the British horror / alien movie I was telling you about a short while ago, just got a brand new, red-band trailer. You can see it in full above, but *please note that discretion is highly recommended.

The first trailer showed very little of the nasty alien creature that was slaying a bunch of people trapped inside a secure London facility, but this one more than compensates for that.

If anything, one could almost say that it shows too much of the alien, to the point where the film might reveal very little else about it.

As a bonus, the trailer also includes some horror humor, lots of guts and gore, and those “Inception” horns that have generated comparisons to it or even “Prometheus.”

“Storage 24” is already out on VOD and will get a limited theatrical release on January 11.

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