Stonesoft Launches Evader 2.01

The company has updated its advanced evasion software testing tool

Back in August 2012, Stonesoft announced the availability of Evader, an advanced evasion software testing tool. Since thousands of companies have started using it to check their networks for security risks, Stonesoft has now released an updated version of the tool, Evader 2.01.

Organization can turn to Evader to ensure that their networks withstand the advanced evasion techniques (AETs) employed by cybercriminals in an effort to successfully drop their malicious elements onto a system without being detected.

The latest variant comes with a new graphical user interface, and support for several evasion techniques, including ones that have gone through CERT’s vulnerability coordination process.

“Breaches continue to occur where corporations have invested heavily in security solutions. However, design flaws in existing firewalls and intrusting prevention systems are being exploited,” said Ilkka Hiidenheimo, CEO of Stonesoft.

“Attackers are more sophisticated today and employ evasive techniques to avoid detection. Organizations must be aware of these types of attacks and Evader can be used to help them find out whether they can resist the attacks.”

Evader 2.01 is available for download on Stonesoft’s website. Live demonstrations are being made these days at the RSA conference.

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