Stoneham Shooting Leaves Special Forces Veteran Dead

A second person was injured in the Micahs Pond Way shooting

Police have made arrests in the case of a fatal shooting in Stoneham, Massachusetts. A man died and a second person was injured in the Micahs Pond Way area.

According to CBS Boston, the shooting took place in a home at 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday, July 3. 26-year-old Joseph Puopolo Jr. of Stoneham lost his life.

Puopolo was a Special Forces veteran who served in Afghanistan until getting back home one year ago.

“He’s a gentleman, everyone you talk to would say ‘what a wonderful son you’ve got.’

“I just can’t believe this, who would do this to him,” his father Joseph Puopolo, Sr. says.

Joseph Alessandro, the victim’s godfather, adds that Junior was praised by the force for saving a life.

“Joseph was a hero in the United States Army. He served in Afghanistan, he just came home from Afghanistan and now this had to happen,” he said.

“He was Special Forces. Special Forces, he was in the front lines. Strong, never stood back,” Alessandro explains.

The victim planned on joining the state police this year, his grandfather adds.

“He wanted to be a state cop. He was a fighter. This is just mind boggling. I don’t understand what happened. I just don’t understand it,” he tells NBC News.

The second, unidentified man who was shot was the stepson of a police officer, officials say. His condition is not known at this point.

Web Pro News reports that police have arrested three men in connection to the shooting, one of whom may not be involved. Two of the murder suspects were detained in Stoneham.

One Aniston Harrison was charged on a drug-related offense in Medford. Officers have found a firearm in his possession and they are investigating whether or not he has a connection to the killing.

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