Stomach Pump Sucks Out the Food People Eat, Promises Extreme Weight Loss

Overindulging will no longer be an issue, as all the extra calories get sucked out

Dieting is no easy task, especially if one happens to have a sweet tooth or is a big fan of certain culinary delights that pack significantly more calories than one burns throughout the course of an entire day.

However, a newly developed stomach pump promises to help those a tad thick around the waist to lose weight without their having to say goodbye to sugary delights and/or greasy treats.

The idea is fairly simple (and seems to have something in common with certain eating disorders, as some would argue).

A person can eat whatever he/she wishes in whatever quantities he/she sees fit, then start said stomach pump and watch as all the excess food and drinks get sucked out of their stomach.

Planetivy explains that this stomach pump is basically made up of a pipe that is inserted into an individual's stomach, and which connects to a bag found outside the body.

Courtesy of a valve, which is referred to as the Skinport and which is fitted to this pipe, as much as 30% of the food and drinks that one way or another made their way inside a person's stomach get flushed out.

Dean Kamen, the man who created this innovative and controversial extreme weight loss device, together with Aspire Bariatrics, the company he is working with, say that up until now their stomach pump has been tested on 24 obese patients.

They claim that all of these patients managed to lose roughly 50% of their excess weight in just one year's time.

Having obtained these impressive results in terms of treating obesity, Aspire Bariatrics filed for a patent and now hopes that soon enough their stomach pump will be made available to the general chubby public.

“The AspireAssist allows patients to remove about 30 per cent of the food from the stomach before the calories are absorbed into the body, causing weight loss,” the company claims.

Needless to say, both doctors and nutritionists are taken aback by this invention, and argue that those who decide to give it a try are bound to experience serious medical issues.

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