Stimulated Self Serum Skin Therapy Uses Own Blood to Banish Wrinkles

New procedure also claims to stimulate DNA repair and improve skin appearance

We’re all constantly looking for ways to turn back the hands of time, whether it’s by using better cosmetic products or by paying thousands of dollars in a lifetime to dermatologists or, depending on the case, to plastic surgeons. London-based French cosmetic doctor Daniel Sister has just the answer to help us in our quest for eternal youth – or the closest to it – and it’s in our own blood.

The S3 Therapy, or Stimulated Self Serum skin therapy, is not a new concept, although it might sound as such. It implies drawing one’s blood, separating red cells from the clear serum and the platelets, enriching it with vitamins and other nutrients and then injecting it back into the face to help stimulate DNA repair, banish wrinkles and spots, and overall improve skin appearance considerably. Since the procedure basically means injecting one’s face with one’s blood, it’s no wonder it’s also referred to as the “Dracula therapy,” relying on blood for rejuvenation purposes.

“Dr. Daniel Sister brings a new and natural way to improve your skin. S3 Therapy (Stimulated Self Serum therapy) helps with improving wrinkles, healing of scars and any other cutaneous damage, active hydration of the skin, increased brightness and radiance, it stimulates the skin helping to increase cellular growth and visco-elastic regeneration. This technique is used when it is necessary to improve the skin profile: the face, neck, decolletè, arms and hands, the inner thighs and early hair loss. Originally invented by a dentist to treat receding gums, Dr. Sister’s approach concentrates on the skin areas,” a post on Dr. Sister’s official webpage reads.

The procedure takes only a few minutes and is not nearly half as painful as one might believe. There are two types of shots: many injections to the superficial layers of the skin, which are done in about 10 minutes, and a smaller series that go deeper into the skin, including areas such as the eyes, the mouth and the forehead. There is no bleeding after the entire thing is done – just mild redness and a sensation of numbness. The results should become apparent the next day and then more and more visible with each week, having the obvious advantage of being a procedure that leaves no scars and requires no recovery time.

“Nucleotides are the key components for the reproduction, the growth and the functions of all cells. S3 Therapy has the purpose to regenerate the skin thanks to a Meso technique that utilizes the patient’s own bio-active serum, platelet, leukocytes, and the DNA nucleosides, with the aim of regenerating aged and damaged skin as well as hypodermal tissues. S3 Therapy is associated with DNA nucleotides to realize a synergy of unbelievable effectiveness. The fraction of nucleotides of the DNA obtained by synthesis, have the synergic role to realize a great and more intense platelets and leucocitis activation. This product is indicated to obtain a bio-revitalization with more tonic, flexible, and hydrated skin that may persist over time by conducting a session every 4-6 months,” the same document further says.

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