Stewardess Resigns After Facebook Post on Throwing Coffee on Passenger

The passenger in question was the former Thai Prime Minister's daughter

A flight attendant lost her job over posting that she would like to throw hot coffee over a passenger, in Thailand.

The woman that sparked the angry post is former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra's youngest daughter, Paetongtarn.

The stewardess, whose name has not been disclosed, worked for Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific, and used the handle Honey Lochanachai, The Times of India writes.

She wrote that she asked her personal adviser “if it was all right to throw something on (Paetongtarn) on this flight.”

“I discussed with another Thai colleague who didn't like them about going over to ridicule her dad before she steps out of the plane.

“Paetongtarn, I didn't throw coffee in her face today but she had no clue that I will keep on fighting until your clan can no longer live like fleas on the Thai soil,” the rest of her post reads.

The entry met a lot of backlash from Thailand's online community, which prompted her resignation on Monday, December 3.

Cathay Pacific reps also used Facebook to convey the message that the attendant was no longer employed by the airline.

Thaksin Shinawatra was ousted in 2006, for using his political influence to secure business deals. Although he left Thailand, the prime minister position is now held by his sister Yingluck, which he selected to head the Pheu Thai party.

Many believe the country is still being controlled by Thaksin, who took refuge in Dubai, according to the New York Times.

In recent events, a firefighter from Florida was terminated for using his own method to express discontent with the US president.

As we wrote earlier, Clint Pierce of Pompano Beach brought toilet paper branded with Obama's face to the station. He had been cited previously for placing a sticker on his locker, with an anti-Obama message, and using a mug on which the president was depicted as a clown.

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