Steven Tyler Surprises Judges on American Idol Auditions – Video

Dude looks like a lady, indeed – unfortunately, he didn’t sing

Steven Tyler was perhaps one of the most popular judges on American Idol and part of the reason for that is his fearlessness when it comes to making fun of himself. Check out his brand new “audition” on the show above.

After Jennifer Lopez announced that she would not return to the show for a new season, Tyler did the same, saying it was time he focused on his music again.

However, he still has plenty of love for the show, some might say, despite the fact that Nicki Minaj called him racist and forced him to apologize for something he didn’t even do in the first place.

He showed up at the auditions in full drag, in what was probably meant as a surprise for the new panel of judges. Still my money’s on that all of them knew from the start he was going to stroll in there like that.

It was fun, though. Enjoy!

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