Steve Wozniak Confirms White iPhone 4 Paint Troubles, Blames LED Flash

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak said he too believed it was the paint that delayed Apple’s white iPhone 4 during a recent interview. Woz specifically noted that using the LED flash light resulted in washed out photos, likely caused by the transparency of the white paint on the handset’s back panel.

Steve Wozniak previously confirmed that his white iPhone 4 was actually a black unit whose front and back panels had been replaced with original parts ordered from a manufacturer in China.

As a guest on the Engadget Show, the Woz freely spoke about the troubles he’d had with his-custom assembled white iPhone 4, specifically noting that any photo taken with the flash activated looked as if the picture was taken through cellophane.

According to electronista citing the Apple co-founder, this was because of the spilled-out light.

It has long been rumored that Apple’s string of delays for the white iPhone 4 was caused by a sub-par paint that failed to keep light from leaking out through various parts of the device.

In order to ship the white iPhone 4 this spring (as promised last year), Apple has reportedly signed a deal with a Japanese company that developed a “miracle painting material” whose thickness can be controlled prior to being applied on the handset.

During his interview with the folks at Engadget, Wozniak also revealed that he had also experienced problems with the handset’s proximity sensor - also one of the issues surrounding the controversial iPhone 4 following its summer 2010 debut.

As readers should well be aware, the iPhone 4 is also on Verizon’s network now.

The Woz reportedly planned to get himself two Verizon iPhones, one in black and one in white, although it is likely that the latter will not be available at launch (February 10th).

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