Steve Wilkos Hit in the Head with Metal Bowl During On-Set Brawl – Video

Prop was used against Wilkos, caused temporary loss of vision

Sometimes, especially if you happen to host a talk show that usually ends with security rushing on set to keep people from fighting, it’s best to limit the chances of an accident as much as possible. Steve Wilkos has learned his lesson.

Check out the video above, which was shot this week during a taping of Wilkos’ show, for a segment called “My Daughter Tried to Poison Me.”

At one point, one of the women reaches for a chair, presumably to hit with it whomever she’s fighting with.

Instead, she grabs a bowl made of metal that just happened to be lying around and hurls it at Wilkos.

Reports online say that he was hit right above the eye and suffered temporary loss of vision in that eye. He is now ok but the metal bowl, which was a prop, has been banned for ever from the set.

Then again, as they say, in television, nothing is as it seems.

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