Steve Martin Gushes About His Baby Girl, Conquistador Martin – Video

Actor promotes new music album, is hilarious on David Letterman

When Steve Martin agreed to be on David Letterman to promote his new album, he must have known he would have to answer questions about his baby daughter, so he chose to do it in his own terms.

The 67-year-old star and wife Anne Stringfield welcomed a daughter, their first child together, in December, but word of it only got out online in February.

Martin has been tweeting a bit about it, but he’s yet to talk to press about the happy event – until the interview the other night, as the video below will confirm.

“It's going great, first of all, because I have a wonderful wife and mother. I'm paying her a compliment – everything is funny when I try to be serious, but I guess that's good. It's the nature of my business!” he tells Letterman.

As for the name he’s chosen for his daughter, brace yourself.

“Conquistador. What do you think? I didn't want to go with one of those Hollywood, you know how they come up with the weird names. Conquistador says... it's a statement,” he explains.

He’s hilarious – and I absolutely love how he chose to address a personal matter on his own terms.

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