Steve Jobs Focused on Tablet Device

The CEO hasn’t been met with smiles from all sides of the Cupertino campus

An unnamed Apple employee has reportedly told the press that Steve Jobs’ return to Apple’s Cupertino campus HQ has not been entirely welcomed by staffers. Moreover, the same source revealed, Apple’s now healthy CEO is heavily focused on what is believed to be the rumored Apple tablet.

Although shareholders and Apple fans are happy to hear that Steve Jobs has returned to fulfill his CEO duties at Apple, the same thing cannot be said about employees tasked with working on a new device, believed to be the much-rumored Apple tablet, according to the Wall Street Journal. The story alleges that the Apple CEO's focus on the yet-unconfirmed device has been "jarring for some Apple employees, who had grown accustomed to a level of freedom over strategy and products while the CEO was on leave."

An unnamed Apple employee told the newspaper that, "People have had to readjust," referring to Mr. Jobs’ return from a six-month-long medical leave. The report further adds fuel to the fire saying that, since his return two months ago, Steve Jobs has been "pouring almost all of his attention into a new touch-screen gadget that Apple is developing." The product's advertising and marketing strategy are the areas where Jobs is pressing people the most, the newspaper says, citing one of its sources. Also, people familiar with the matter declined to provide the publication with details on the tablet or its estimated release date.

Mr. Jobs himself is cited in the report as dismissing these allegations saying, "Much of your information is incorrect."

Apple is widely believed to be actively developing a tablet device that would fill a gap between the iPod touch and the company’s MacBook line of portable computers. Softpedia earlier reported that an industry watcher (who preferred remaining anonymous), had allegedly touched a prototype of the device. With every such report, Apple’s iTablet is becoming ever more real.

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