Steve Ballmer: Windows 8 Is Perfect, Beautiful and Functional

Microsoft’s CEO says that Windows 8 is a perfect operating system

Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said in a letter sent to shareholders that Windows 8 is a truly amazing product, emphasizing that he has no doubt that it will attract millions of buyers after its public launch.

Ballmer has already revealed his high expectations when it comes to the new operating system, confirming that Microsoft expects to sell millions of copies before year-end.

The CEO however told shareholders that Windows 8 has all the chances to succeed right now because it’s a perfect operating system for both personal and professional use.

“Windows 8 will come to market Oct. 26, 2012, with beautiful hardware that will light up with our consumer cloud services. Windows 8 unites the light, thin and fun aspects of a tablet with the power of a PC,” Ballmer wrote in the letter.

“It's beautiful, it's functional, and it's perfect for both personal and professional use. Xbox Music, Video, Games and SmartGlass apps make it possible to select a movie from a PC, start playing it on the TV, and finish watching it on a phone.”

Windows 8 will be officially unveiled on October 25 in New York and will go on sale the next day all around the world. The operating system will be compatible not only with traditional PCs, but also with tablets and mobile phones.

The integrated apps however are also playing a key role, Ballmer said, and the way Windows 8 is connected to the other products in Microsoft’s software family comes in very handy to all users.

“SkyDrive, our cloud storage solution, effortlessly connects content across a user's devices. Bing's powerful search technologies in Windows 8 will help customers get more done. Skype has a beautiful new Windows 8 app and connects directly into the new Office,” Ballmer concluded.

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