Steve Ballmer: Windows 8.1 Is Proof That We Listened and We Learned

Microsoft’s CEO talks about the first OS update for Windows 8

Microsoft will soon debut the new Windows 8.1 OS update and company CEO Steve Ballmer hasn’t missed the occasion to praise it during the Worldwide Partner Conference 2013 in Houston.

Ballmer emphasizes that Windows 8.1 is proof that Microsoft is trying to get much closer to its users, so the return of the Start button plus the rest of improvements included in the first Windows 8 overhaul are nothing more than a living proof that the company is now listening to consumers.

“We're going to spend a lot of time today also talking about Windows 8.1, because we listened and we learned, and as good as Windows 8 is I would just encourage you to really take a look at the Windows 8.1,” Ballmer said in the beginning of keynote.

“It really speaks to the feedback that we've gotten. It builds on the exciting new user interface, the embrace of new platforms, the new programming model. But we've also suggested the feedback that we've gotten from people on how it works in the enterprise, what we need for serious desktop users, and I think you'll be incredibly impressed by the work on Windows 8.1.”

As far as Windows 8 is concerned, Microsoft’s big honcho claimed that everything goes according to the plan, despite all statistics pointing to a rather slow update for this particular operating system.

Ballmer pointed out that all Microsoft executives are very satisfied with Windows 8, so everybody expects more people to make the move to this version in the coming months, especially thanks to the arrival of the brand new Windows 8.1 update.

“Windows 8 was nothing short of the most remarkable replatforming of Windows basically since 1995. And we've gotten a lot of feedback on Windows 8. I think we did a heck of a good job on Windows 8,” he said.

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