Steve Ballmer: Touch Is Already Considered Old

Microsoft’s CEO talks about Windows 8 and new technologies

Windows 8 is an operating system fully optimized for the touch, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer thinks that touch features are already considered old. At this point, developing new technologies could be the only way to go for the industry.

While Windows 8’s main focus remains the desktop computer, the new operating system can very well be deployed on touch devices too, offering several features that could enhance this whole computing experience.

“Touch is already considered old, even though it is still very new and under-utilised, while voice has hardly been tapped at all,” Ballmer was quoted as saying by ZDNet.

What’s more, Ballmer has also suggested that a new voice recognition system could be used in the future, but in a different form that would allow consumers to make the most of it with minimum effort.

“I don't see us yelling at our devices like that,” he said, pointing out that such a project would perfectly suit a living room.

Microsoft will obviously continue to focus on new devices, as the company struggles to step away from the software firm designation towards a reimagined devices and services approach.

“Until now we have been a software company, but now we are moving towards devices. A lot of innovative software will be delivered through devices, and many services will be delivered through the cloud,” he said.

Ballmer confirmed in an interview with BBC last month that Microsoft would continue to focus on devices and hardware projects, suggesting that the Surface RT and the upcoming Surface Pro are only the company’s first steps in this market.

Sources close to the matter are pointing out that Microsoft is working on a Surface smartphone that could be running Windows 8 and provide the same touch-capable tools as the recently launched tablet.

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