Steroid Rage May Be a Factor in Pistorius Case as Bloody Cricket Bat Is Found

When paramedics arrived at the scene, the athlete was trying to resuscitate Steenkamp

As we wrote earlier today, new information about the Oscar Pistorius murder case has been revealed. Police encountered a cricket bat, which had a large quantity of human blood on it.

While there is no confirmation about the blood belonging to the victim yet, the athlete's girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, there are reports about her possibly having her skull crushed.

South African police are treating the incident as one possibly caused by “roid rage,” in which the consumption of performance-enhancing drugs prompts violent outbursts.

An investigation is being carried out to determine if the athlete's blood tests positive for steroids. Meanwhile, he is detained without bond pending his prosecution for premeditated murder.

Other details include the fact that she was wearing a nightgown as police arrived at the scene. The bedsheets in the bedroom were rumpled when they entered the house.

Pistorius stated that he had mistakenly shot Steenkamp before dawn on Valentine’s day, believing she was an intruder.

However, local law enforcement reports indicate previous incidents of a "domestic nature" at the Pistorius residence, writes the Mirror. Police have described being "very surprised" by the burglar shooting story.

Sources claim that guards employed at the gated Silver Woods Country Estate community, where the pair resided, were called in two hours before the murder, when neighbors reported a heated argument.

The athlete's girlfriend has been shot in the head, chest, pelvis and hand, three of the bullets being fired while she was in the bathroom, through a closed door. The first shot came before that, in the bedroom the couple shared.

According to The Telegraph, quoting South African newspaper Beeld, the 29-year-old FHM model was still breathing when EMTs were called in.

While Pistorius carried her down the stairs and tried to resuscitate her, she was pronounced dead by paramedics.

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