Stephen Colbert Talks Sister’s Bid for Congress – Video

“Holy cow! My sister is running for Congress!” Colbert says in Comedy Central segment

Elizabeth Colbert-Busch is running for Congress for the Democrats, as I reported last month. Her brother, Stephen Colbert, is finally talking about his sister’s political aspirations, on a new segment on Comedy Central.

Check it out below, embedded at the end of the post.

Among other things, Colbert reveals that his sister’s childhood nickname was Lulu and then proceeds to warn her not to expect free publicity from him only because they’re related.

“No free airtime, Lulu! As a broadcast journalist I am obligated to maintain pure objectivity. It doesn't matter that my sister is intelligent, hardworking, compassionate, and dedicated to the people of South Carolina. I will not be mentioning any of that on my show,” he says.

He also offers a very important tip to Republicans who might engage his sister into a debate: “Right after she makes a good point, repeat it back to her in a dumb voice. Trust me, it works.”


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