Stephen Colbert Mocks the “Wind Turbine Syndrome” – Video

This disease manifests itself when people spend too much time close to wind turbines

It was not very long ago when Donald Trump argued that wind turbines were plain ugly and ruined landscapes.

The time has now come for Stephen Colbert to draw attention to the “dangers” of wind turbines and other means of harvesting renewable energy sources.

As he points out, people living close to wind farms more often than not develop a so-called “wind turbine syndrome,” which seriously takes its toll on their general wellbeing.

Truth be told, the arguments he brings forth seem true-to-facts, to say the least, and we are quite sure that, after watching this video, there will be many who will seriously start questioning whether human society should keep inventing in technologies that harvest green energy.

“We should all just keep burning fossil fuels. That way the problem won't be all in your head; it will be spread evenly throughout your lungs,” Stephen Colbert concludes.

Stephen Colbert's speech on the dangers of green energy is made available to you in the video below.

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