Stephanie Seymour Causes a Stir with Provocative Family Portrait with Her Sons

Harper’s Bazaar runs first family portrait ever, photos go viral

Supermodel Stephanie Seymour has always been very close to her sons, so it’s no wonder that Harper’s Bazaar wanted them for their first-ever family portraits. However, the resulting pictorial is making many think very unholy thoughts – and the photos have already gone viral.

Two of the photos are also included with this article: the rest of the set is just as provocative. The concept behind the shoot, by photographer Sebastian Faena, is that Stephanie is a model and her sons, Peter Brant II (20) and Harry Bran (17), are her stylists.

She is wearing gorgeous but very revealing designer items, from a Dolce & Gabbana corset to Versace and a peekaboo dress signed Tom Ford. The poses are all daring and suggest anything else but maternal love, Shine Yahoo! writes.

“Sooo... this is awkward. In a provocative new photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar, supermodel Stephanie Seymour dons lingerie and strikes come-and-get-it poses while draping herself around two much-younger men. Oh, and those guys just happen to be her sons, Peter Brant II, 20, and Harry Brant, 17,” the publication notes.

“Awkward” is a mild term compared to how many commenters online have chosen to describe the shoot. Most of these terms we can’t even reproduce in writing here, but do let your imagination run wild on this one.

The spread comes accompanied by an interview in which Stephanie talks of her love of fashion, which, she vouches, has been passed on to her two boys.

“Always a Manolo, and never a flat,” she says of Peter. “As a child, if he was being a good boy in school and behaving, as a special treat I would open my safe and he could go through all my jewelry and clean it. But I’d sit there with him because I knew if I didn’t, it would all be gone!”

For those of you not keeping score, this isn’t the first time that Seymour lands herself in a controversy of this type: in January 2011, she and Peter Brant II were photographed by the paparazzi hugging and kissing on the beach, in a way that was deemed more appropriate for lovers and not mother and son.

He promptly issued a statement to say that whoever saw something wrong with the photo was gross, but he’s yet to address this new serving of Internet controversy.

Meanwhile, what do you make of all the fuss? Is the pictorial really that outrageous, or are people causing trouble over nothing? Let us know in the comments section below.


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