Stella GNU/Linux 6.3 Is Based on CentOS 6.3

Yet another Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone for multimedia enthusiasts!

The developers behind the Stella Linux operating system have announced last evening, July 30th, that version 6.3 of the Stella distribution is now available for download.

Stella 6.3 follows the release of CentOS 6.3, an open source clone of Red Hat's Enterprise Linux operating system, and includes all the cool new stuff found in RHEL 6.3.

Stella 6.3 also comes packed with an updated multimedia stack that includes a new FFmpeg, version 0.10.4, MPlayer 1.0.14020120205svn and VLC Media Player 2.0.3, backported from RPMFusion.

"Following the release of CentOS 6.3 I finally managed to get Stella 6.3 out as well. This is more an issue of incrementing the numbers since people running Stella have already received the updates from Centos 6.3. So, what's new in your favourite EL-based remix?" - was stated in the official release announcement.

The following applications were updated in the nux-dextop repository: Minitube, Clipgrab, and Audacity 2.0 (available as audacity-freeworld).

There's are also some new inclusions in nux-dextop repository, such as Geeqie, Megamario (a SuperMario clone), Mumble suite, Tarsnap, SCrypt, and Phantomjs.

"Also, as a bit of a news, is now indexing my repos nux-dextop and nux-misc - as such, searching for EL6 RPMs might give you results from" - added the Stella developers at the end of the announcement.

Stella 6.3 is distributed as Live DVD ISO images for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. A NON-PAE version of the 32-bit ISO image is also available.

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Stella 6.3 Live DVD

About Stella

Stella is a GNOME 2 based, desktop focused remix of the open source Centos 6 Linux operating system. It is designed as an installable Live distro, which contains all the CentOS packages plus out-of-the-box multimedia support.

Except for the naming and changed artwork, Stella is a perfect clone of the CentOS distribution.

Download Stella 6.3 right now from Softpedia.

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