SteelSeries Intros Flux In-Ear Headset

Fits the so-called Freedom to Play mobile gaming peripherals category

A new in-ear set of headphones has been released, one that SteelSeries put together and which has a sealed in-ear fit, for “comfort and control.”

In-ear earphones aren't usually much to gush over, but these ones are unusual because their 6mm drivers are better than most, with active noise cancellation and clear high and mid tones (good for details in games). Rich bass levels are mentioned as well.

The drives are the main reason why the SteelSeries Flux In-Ear, as the headset is called, costs so much: $49.99 / 37.37-49.99 Euro.

The flat cable is also convenient, since it is unlikely to tangle and comes with a carrying case. It has a 3.5mm connector.

Go here to see more information and even order one or two of these audio products.

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