Steampunk Wooden NERF Gun Actually Works

What started as a NERF N-Strike Barricade gun evolved backwards

By on September 28th, 2011 13:23 GMT

This might not be the most awesome thing I've seen, but it comes really close since I don't remember the last time I set eyes on a gun that works despite being made of wood.

One wouldn't expect a NERF N-Strike Barricade gun to go through a major design overhaul and actually preserve its primary function.

Turns out, though, that faustus70 pulled off exactly this, and he even put it up for order at a price of $300 (220.08 Euro).

It can hold ten whistler darts and, with the help of three AA batteries, fires them unerringly.

Well, perhaps not totally unerringly, since it still falls to humans to aim, but the 3x magnification scope does help in that regard.

Faustus70 used planks cut from an antique wooden chair to build the exterior of this fearsome weapon, using aluminum rivets to hold the whole thing together.

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