SteamOS Launches Today – Facts We Know So Far

We put together all the information available so far about SteamOS

Valve will release its Linux-based SteamOS today, but very few things are known about it. We put together everything that has been revealed so far.

Valve announced just a couple of months ago that it intended to release a new operating system, based on Linux, that would be used to power its own generation of PC / console hybrids, called Steam Machines.

The company also announced a year ago a very close collaboration with Canonical, and they even recommend Ubuntu operating systems for the best possible experience.

Unfortunately, Valve has been really coy about revealing anything important about the Linux distribution, and not even the most basic details have been shared. Some things have escaped through the cracks.

For example, a Valve representative has said that it will not be using Ubuntu as it base and that they are building their own distro. It’s unlikely that they started from scratch, but they probably used something like Debian, which, in turn, is used by Ubuntu.

Another certainty is the interface which, surprisingly, is not a secret. It will be identical with the Big Screen feature used in the regular Steam Client and it will be the only thing accessible to the users.

This leads us to another piece of information, which is not something Valve should brag about. When it is launched, SteamOS will be pretty useless for anything other than playing Steam games. It won’t feature a file browser or even an image viewer, besides the one in Steam.

SteamOS will also allow its users to stream games from a Windows PC into the living room. This functionality won’t be ready from the start, but it will be eventually be made available for everyone.

Everything else besides this information is bogus and it should be treated as such. Stay tuned for more impressions and a screenshot tour after the release of the OS.

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