Steam for Linux − the Road So Far and the Road Ahead

The Linux world is going through some pretty important changes

Steam for Linux is not out yet, but it’s already setting up to be one of the biggest changes in the open source world, in the last few years.

Valve has the habit of being first in a lot of ways, but their biggest realization has to be the digital distribution platform Steam. It has taken the gaming world by force and it’s now the leading platform for digital provided games.

When the first rumors about Steam for Linux surfaced, people didn’t know exactly what to expect. They imagined some of the benefits, but there were a lot of detractors that thought that the Linux environment should remain free.

On the other hand, the Linux platform is free (for its most part) and that means that anyone can do anything they like, and so far we can safely say we are glad Valve made this important step.

Four months later, Steam for Linux has proven to be an incredible engine for Linux development. Game developers are converting their games for the Linux platform and others are starting development with the Linux platform in mind.

Nvidia is providing great drivers on a regular basis and AMD has awakened from its slumber and started to develop good drivers, again.

If all of this has happened in just four months, the year 2013 should prove to be quite an interesting experience, especially because there are some rumors of a Valve box or console that will supposedly run Linux.

Linux users will have to realize that a new era has started and that the old conceptions about the open source world will have to be adjusted in order to reflect the obvious realities.

Great games will now be available for everyone, but not for free. In fact, it’s most likely that some of the already established software will become shareware. The concept of free “stuff” will start to dilute as Steam will establish a proper foothold.

In any case, we are all living through a great change in the Linux world and the outcome will change the open source concept forever.

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