Steam for Linux Beta Receives Major Update

A comprehensive list of changes is provided in the article

Valve is now knee deep in the beta testing for Steam on Linux and they already have started to update the client base on the user's feedback.

Valve was helped in the launch day of Steam for Linux by Nvidia, with a great set of drivers, but that doesn't mean the software can't be further improved.

The main reason for a beta is to iron out inherent problems that are bound to appear. Valve is doing regular updates for the other two supported platforms, Windows and Mac OS, so it's only natural to update the client for Linux.

The Steam for Linux users have provided Valve with a lot of feedback and the changelog only fixes a few of the problems. It's pretty sure that further Steam updates will arrive in the coming weeks. Keep in mind that Steam for Linux is a Beta client and it will be unstable.

Highlights of Steam for Linux Beta:

• Support for detecting kmod has been added (video driver packages to the video driver detection code);

• The video driver version check bootstrapper has been fixed;

• X API error handling has been added;

• Top level window titles have been corrected;

• Truncated text in Steam settings dialog and low download speed problem have been fixed;

• A fix has been implemented for the overlay. Sometimes it would not exit if a game crashed;

• Support for keypad Enter button messages has been added;

• The tracking of game windows by the overlay has been improved;

• Support for using xdg-user-dir-lookup to find the DESKTOP directory has been improved;

• A bug which affected the maximize has been fixed;

• The Steam install director can be relocated;

• Steam properly installs updates the /usr/bin/steam directory;

• Support for proper reinstallation, if the Steam install bootstrap fails, has been added;

• A glyph rendering bug that resulted in heap corruption has been repaired.

Check out the official Steam for Linux hub for more details about the release.

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