Steam Users Can Now Create Game Guides on the Service

Share your walkthroughs and special insight with others on Steam

Valve has just unveiled a brand new feature for its Steam service, as the community section will now feature a brand new area called Game Guides, which allows players to create guides for any games they've played.

Steam is the most popular digital distribution service out there, serving users on the PC, Mac, or Linux platforms with top notch games as well as other applications.

After releasing all sorts of impressive new systems, like the Big Picture one, Valve has revealed a fresh new feature for Steam called Game Guides.

Steam users can now contribute even more to the new community pages of their favorite games not just by writing messages, posting screenshots or making videos, but by creating special guides and sharing them with others.

"We're rolling out Game Guides as a beta to members of the Steam Community Beta," Valve said on its website. "With Game Guides, you can create a guide to help fellow gamers and share your expertise in whatever game you like. To get access to the beta, please join the Steam Community Beta Group."

Creating game guides is relatively simple and supports the introduction of special things like screenshots from the Steam cloud or YouTube videos.

Check out a simple description of the game guide creation process below, right from Valve itself.

"Once you've joined the beta group noted above, simply go to the Game Hub for any game you play on Steam and look for the "Guides" tab."

"Under that tab, you'll find a button to create a guide. You'll be able to upload and insert images or use screenshots that are already in your Steam cloud. You can insert YouTube videos and you can add friends to help you write the guide. When you're done, just publish your guide and it will be accessible to the community."

In order to gain access to the Game Guides feature, you must first enter the new Steam Community beta program by joining the New Steam Community Beta group.

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