Steam Greenlight Gets New Options Based on Community Feedback

Skip over certain games and favorite those that really interest you

Valve has just confirmed that it's added a few new functions to the Steam Greenlight service, allowing users to skip certain games from their vote queue while offering even more detailed stats to developers.

Steam is the biggest digital distribution service in the world, offering great games and even regular software to 50+ million users worldwide.

In order to make getting new games onto Steam easier and let the community play a part in this process, Valve revealed Steam Greenlight, a service through which users can vote on what games and software they'd like to see on Steam.

The service is a big success and Valve has now updated it with new features and options, based on feedback from users and developers.

The biggest addition is an "Ask Me Again Later" button that lets users skip certain games while browsing their queues.

"One of the great ways to discover new titles is to just jump into your queue. It is your own personalized queue of games you haven’t voted on. From there you can vote Yes, No, and now 'Ask me again later' to skip a title for consideration again at a later date."

What's more, in case you want to keep track of a certain game on Greenlight, you can now mark it as a favorite and receive notifications when the developer posts new announcements.

"If you really like a particular Greenlight entry, you can favorite it to easily find it later, or now you can opt to separately 'follow' items to be notified when the developer posts new announcements. Similarly, you can now 'follow' collections in Greenlight to be notified when collection authors post announcements."

Developers have also received a few new options in this update, including a new set of detailed statistics that showcase just how many people are looking at their submission, how many are voting, and other such things.

The update has already been applied to Greenlight, so you can enjoy it right from your Steam client.

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