Steam Client Gets Updated with Many Big Picture Fixes

Steam Guides is now fully supported by the program

Valve has just updated the client for its Steam service, implementing a variety of bug fixes in the program, including many that relate to the recently released Big Picture mode.

Steam is the most popular digital distribution service out there with 50+ million users across the PC, Mac, and Linux platforms.

In order to keep fans happy with the service's client, Valve is continuously implementing different updates and new features, including the recent Big Picture mode, which makes using Steam on big TVs with a controller much easier.

Like with any new feature, some bugs have been encountered by users and Valve has now posted an updated version of the Steam client that incorporates plenty of fixes for different glitches and other improvements, like the addition of the Steam Guides feature.

Check out the variety of changes in the latest patch for the Steam client below.

- Added list of favorite and popular Guides to overlay

- Fixed layout of installation wizard when installing multiple apps.

- Fixed rare occurrence of prompting a user to accept the same Steam Subscriber Agreements multiple times.

- Fixed stopping game installation when pressing cancel button in installation wizard

- Disabled trade menu item in multi-user chats

- Fixed retail disc install error "missing app configuration"

- Big Picture: Added support for notifying the user when logging into an account that has already logged in on another machine

- Big Picture: Fixed bug where chat notifications might not be displayed when in game.

- Big Picture: Fixed possibly displaying multiple countdown timers in the store

- Big Picture: Fixed loading animations disappearing before loading was complete

- Big Picture: Fixed crash when entering Big Picture mode while in a voice chat

- Big Picture: Fixed potentially losing input focus while searching the store

- Big Picture: Fixed size of main menu UI sometimes being incorrect when navigating backward in the store

- Big Picture: Added displaying a list of all DLC for an application in the store

- Big Picture: Fixed copied text range sometimes being incorrect if you selected the text to copy in a backwards direction via the mouse

- Big Picture: Support closing URL open dialog in friends chats with cancel hotkey/button

- Big Picture: Fix favorite counts not updating in all games view when you add/remove favorites prior to next restart

- Big Picture: Fix pending friend invites showing up as background of community rather than actual friends

- Big Picture: Improve perf loading community tab background/friends list

- Big Picture: Fix rendering issue with some panels with rounded corners and box shadows with –fulldesktopres command line param

- Big Picture: When in the main Steam view (not in-game overlay) support clicking notification toasts to activate

- Big Picture: Fix footer in main Steam window being disabled while a game is running even if you alt-tab back out to Steam

- Big Picture: Fixed missing string in delete local content confirmation for applications

- Big Picture: Fixed friend and group chats scrolling to bottom on new message even when you are actively trying to scroll the chat yourself

- Big Picture: Fixed mouse wheel scrolling of carousels sometimes getting stuck on leftmost panel

- Big Picture: Added list of favorite and popular Guides to library and overlay.

The latest update will be automatically downloaded the next time you open the Steam client, and you'll have to restart the program in order to apply it.

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