Steam Client Gets Updated with New Big Picture-Oriented Bug Fixes

The program should be more stable when interacting with its new feature

Valve has just released a brand new update for its Steam client that people use to access the digital distribution service on the PC, Mac, or Linux platforms, bringing a wide variety of bug fixes aimed at solving different issues, specifically with the new Big Picture mode.

Steam has taken the world by storm and now has over 50 million users worldwide across three different computer platforms: the PC, Mac, and Linux.

Valve isn't stopping here and wants to continue improving the service through all sorts of great new features, including the Big Picture mode, which has recently been released for all Steam users to try out on their big screen monitors with their controllers.

Now, the company has released an update for the Steam client which should fix quite a lot of bugs and problems reported by users.

Many of these fixes target the Big Picture mode in particular, as Steam users should no longer experience errors when interacting with the new feature.

Check out the full list of changes included in the new Steam client patch below, via the official website.

“- Added Language support for the Daisy Wheel control under Mac OS X

- Changed Big Picture hotkey to Command+'/' under Mac OS X

- Delete old temporary folders created by CEF left around due to previous crashes

- Fixed Back behavior in several pieces of the UI

- Fixed Big Picture displaying only a blank screen after startup if the intro movie was cancelled quickly

- Friends sounds are now muted when running Big Picture and you choose mute in the audio settings

- Fixed URLs in the Web Browser showing the end, not the start, of the current URL

- Fixed Big Picture login screen not using your chosen UI language

- Fixed activation fail sounds playing when clicking on some areas of a html page

- Fixed password field in login UI not drawing entered characters properly under Mac OS X

- Fixed right stick zoom in the html control jumping on zoom commit

- Fixed scroll bars on HTML pages not updating when dragged via the mouse

- Fixed some friends list font clipping due to small line heights

- Removed default bind for Big Picture text console as it is no longer needed

- Fixed crash on exit when doing a forced shutdown of the client.”

The new update should be downloaded automatically and you'll have to restart the Steam client in order to complete its installation.

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