Stealth Computer Can Survive Trucks and Water

The sturdiness comes at a cost but it should be well worth it for clumsy people

IT company Stealth would have probably seen different results if its experiments had involved a different type of wheel, but the point was still driven home: the company's new PC is very tough.

By experiment, we mean to say that Stealth had someone drive a pick-up truck over the new WPC-525F system.

In light of this, that the PC is also resistant to water, to a point, is just a small footnote (bayonet connectors allow this).

Naturally, had the wheel been made of something less flexible, like metal or concrete, there probably would have been some damage.

Still, withstanding so much pressure is a nice enough incentive for clumsy people to buy the computer, since it will survive being dropped and such.

Those who work in hazardous environments will find that the WPC-525F can help them do their jobs as well.

The toughness comes at a price though. Stealth wants at least $1,595, or 1219.61-1,595 Euro for the weakest configuration.

That means an Intel Dual-Core Atom D525 processor, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM (random access memory), a solid-state drive of 120 GB, an Intel Grtaphics Media accelerator and a bunch of connectors, including VGA, USB and LAN. There are also two PCI Express slots.

Regular peripherals should work with the WPC-525F, but the bayonet connectors, those special cables in the photo down below, will need to be used in order to keep the computer waterproof.

Overall, it is a promising computer for environments normally dangerous to electronics, although it will get a bit bothersome if one has to constantly connect and disconnect peripherals.

Stealth has a long and comprehensive product page, complete with more photos than the one we were able to provide here.

The only so-called problem is that Windows 8 is not up for order. Only Windows 7 can be installed on the PC, although Windows XP (32-Bit and 64-Bit), Linux and Embedded O/S are supported as well.


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