Stay on Top of Social Media and Web Trends with msnNOW

Users can easily learn what’s hot and trending as it happens

Microsoft has just launched a new MSN service to enable users to stay on top of what is happening around them.

Dubbed msnNOW, the new service can be accessed today at, enabling users to easily stay informed on the things people are talking about, as well as on what is being searched and shared the most.

The service will bring along the most interesting trends from places like Facebook, Twitter, Bing, and, so that people will always know what is happening around the world.

As soon as a hot social conversation or emerging trend is spotted, info on why it is trending will be delivered to msnNOW’s users, along with details on what people are saying on it.

“With msnNOW you'll be the most informed of your friends about what’s happening across the Web – whether it’s celebrities, a sporting event, the latest tech news, or a political race,” Bob Visse, general manager, MSN, Microsoft, explains.

“In a hundred words or less, we summarize trends, arming you with what you need to know about the topics you want to talk about with your friends.

“On msnNOW, you will see icons from Facebook, Twitter, Bing and BreakingNews, which indicate where each topic is trending. To see a quick snapshot of the latest trends that are blowing up in real time, check out the “Biggest Movers” Feature.”

If people find one of these trends of interest to them, they can easily share it with their friends and contacts. All they need to do is click on the butterfly and choose to share on Facebook, Twitter and email.

At the same time, they can also sort trends based on their importance in the topics sections available on msnNOW:

Fame: Drill down on celebrity gossip and entertainment reports.

Soul: Explore trends related to life – including love, beauty, kids, products and more.

Sweat: Check into the latest sports buzz.

Wire: Catch up on trends related to the day’s big stories.

Cash: See what’s hot in the world of money and big business.

Microsoft also explains that it has based the service on a newly developed “Demand Dashboard” that was meant to analyze millions of Bing searches, public Facebook posts, and tweets, along with shared URLs and breaking news stories.

Breaking trends are detected while they happen, which means that users will always stay up to date with what everyone will be talking about.

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