Stay Away from 'iPhone Apps'

Site sells 10 iPhone apps 'at a price that's a steal'... literally

Sources are informing us that iPhone users searching the web for "iPhone apps" are most likely going to end up browsing the inner sections of a certain, an (allegedly) scammy site that sells you not apps, but the ZiPhone jailbreaking tool, which... yeah, is freeware.

"Our developers here at iphone apps have gone all out to bring you this amazing bundle of iphone applications," the alleged scammers write on the iPhoneApps site. "Our iphone apps bundle covers a huge spectrum of the most popular activities carried out by the general public on their home computer, making this the greatest collection of iphone applications ever! For just one amazingly low price of $24.95 you can install all of our iphone applications directly onto your phone today and begin to enjoy the amazing capabilities of these truly brilliant apps. With our iphone apps bundle, you will also receive a great, easy to follow guide which will take you through the installation process of our iPhone Apps bundle. The whole installation process will take approximately 5 - 10 minutes. NO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED!"

Indeed, users are able to install third party apps on their iPhones, following the purchase, TUAW points out to a Yahoo! Answers poster who claims he's been scammed by the folks at iPhoneApps. This is what he had to say.

"I just recently found a website called . Turns out, they are just selling a freeware called ZiPhone and giving instructions on how to install applications. I thought that iphone apps was a way to get the applications on my ipod touch without jailbreaking my ipod. Turns out, it is. I only realized it after i paid and was sent to the dowloads [sic] page that anyone can access even if they have not paid, as long as they have the link. The first time, they told me that they were selling the apps. But they are not. Anyone with a jailbroken ipod/iphone can install the apps."

So basically, you simply pay to jailbreak your phone, which is otherwise free, using the ZiPhone tool, which, in turn, enables you to download and install third party apps from any source you can find on the web, for free.

Now, here's one for the books - "Here at iphone apps we also take huge pride in our customer support," the site also notes. "Our staff are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through many different forms of contact. If you require any assistance, please feel free to contact us."

Not surprisingly, this is just another big fat lie, and more of a credibility assurance really. Another Yahoo! Answers user wrote that he too was tricked into paying the $25 for the ZiPhone jailbreaking tool through iPhoneApps: "Yeah man I think it's a scam... I asked for help I never got a response. Also if you try to click on the live chat link on their site, it doesn't do anything. We're out 25 bucks..."

Still, there's no need to rush and warn all your iPhone-owning friends because, seemingly, the deal is off already. The Buy Now button takes users to PayPal, which now says "This recipient is currently unable to receive money." Nevertheless, you should stay away from any website claiming to sell you cheap iPhone apps, since the App Store is the only place you can buy iPhone and iPod touch applications legally.

Boy, Apple's products sure are scammer magnets.


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