Staten Island Nanny Slaps 5-Month-Old Girl, Is Caught on Camera

A shocking video of a woman abusing the child she has in her care emerges

A nanny from Staten Island has been caught on camera abusing the 5-month-old child she had in her care.

While a video of the incident is posted above, user discretion is advised when clicking on it, as it contains shocking and possibly offensive content.

According to the Post Chronicle, 52-year old Mamura Nasirova from Staten Island was suspected of inappropriate behavior by the baby's mother.

She installed a camera and watched on live feed as the woman placed the baby on the floor in order to bottle-feed her.

As the girl cries, she is slapped on the face and legs, and her baby chair is rocked by an angry Nasirova.

The mother called the police department after seeing the footage, prompting the nanny's arrest. She is currently in custody, on $1,000 (€737) bond.

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