Starving Dog Makes an Amazing Recovery, Gets a New Family

When found, Sammi only weighed about 11lbs (roughly 5 kilograms)

Not very long ago, a starving dog was rescued after being found wandering on the streets of Birmingham. At that point, Sammi only weighed about 11lbs (about 5 kilograms).

However, thanks to all the attention and proper care he got from Alayna Warner, who agreed to take him home and nurse him back into health, this pooch quickly got back in shape, and soon enough he also got a family.

Now twelve months old, Sammi will be able to enjoy the winter holidays together with his owner, Pauline Soloman, Daily Mail reports.

“We think someone had just abandoned him on the street after deciding they didn't want him. The poor thing was so think - it was heart-breaking. He was very nervous at first, but obviously a friendly dog, as it wasn't long before his cheeky personality started to shine through,” Alayna Warner says.

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