Stardust Tells the Story of Earth’s Destruction with Stunning Graphics and Hidden Depth – Video

Billions of years from now, Earth will be destroyed, but every atom in it will live on

We are all made of stardust. This saying is attributed to several people and, unlike most popular sayings, it's absolutely true. We and everything around us was created deep in the bowels of stars like our sun or much larger.

Incidentally, that's the name of the beautiful video you see above which depicts the journey of Voyager 1 all the way until the destruction of our sun, though it takes a few artistic liberties along the way.

The result is a short film that's more art than science, but one that celebrates science and the human spirit nonetheless. It's also a rather philosophical take on destruction, our own or in any other form.

The Earth has a finite lifespan and there's little, currently, that we can do about it. When our sun reaches its end it will take the Earth with it. But this destruction will only mean all of the atoms in our planet will go forward to create other worlds.

At the same time, several billion years from now, the Voyager 1 probe, nothing more than a piece of space debris by that time, will continue to hurdle through our galaxy.

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