Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm Might Drop Neural Parasite

Gamers will see other major changes linked to single and multiplayer

Dustin Browder, the game director working on Heart of the Swarm for Starcraft II, says that Blizzard is considering dropping the neural parasite in order to return to the classic fungal growth, a change that has received mixed feelings from the fans of the strategy game.

In an interview with Team Liguid, the developer says, “It doesn’t get used that much anyway, and when it does get used it’s kind of terrible. So I think neural is on the chopping block for Swarm, I think that’s a definite possibility. It’s definitely something we could take a look at and see how it goes.”

If Blizzard drops the neural parasite, some players will complain that the variety of the game mechanics is limited, even if the statistics show the development team that a limited number of players are actually using it.

The second installment in the planned strategy trilogy will focus on the Zerg and Kerrigan, their leader, with Blizzard set to introduce significant changes to the core game mechanics and new units for the player to use.

The problem for the developer is that many players like the balance that Blizzard has currently achieved for the competitive multiplayer and many will be dismayed to see significant modifications for Heart of the Swarm, which will force them to alter their playing style.

An extensive beta process is designed to allow the community to test the changes and offer feedback to the developers.

Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm will be launched exclusively on the PC during March of next year.

Blizzard plans to add a third game to the Starcraft 2 saga, which focuses on the Protoss, at some point in 2014.

At the moment, the company is offering a significant price cut to all those who are willing to get Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty from

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