Starbucks Premieres $7 (€5.5) Cup of Coffee

An 8-ounce bag (226 g) will set you back $40 (€31)

Starbucks is debuting its new, most expensive product to date, across 48 stores in America. Now anyone can enjoy their new Costa Rica Finca Palmilera coffee, for “only” $6-$7 (€4.7-€5.5) per cup.

The lower price applies for a “tall” cup, while the higher one will get you a “grande” at the coffee shop. You can also splurge on an 8-ounce bag (226 g), if you are prepared to pay $40 (€31).

The premium range is made out of rare Geisha beans, found in Central America, according to the Daily Mail. Even so, many, including this editor, argue that $7 (€5.5) is simply too much to pay for one cup of the surely exquisite coffee.

Starbucks' announcement comes after Dunkin' Donuts, who register their product in a lower price range, have filed to own rights on the slogan “Best coffee in America,” as I reported yesterday.

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