Star Wars: The Old Republic PvP Is Dominated by the Sith Empire

More events and game types are planned for future updates

Video game developer BioWare has offered some information on how the Player versus Player aspect of its MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is performing while also telling the player base that they are planning to deliver more content for it soon.

Gabe Amatangelo, who is the lead designer at BioWare in charge of the PvP aspect of the MMO, has posted on the official blog of the game information which shows that more than 1 million Warpoint games were played in the first week that The Old Republic was officially out, with more than half the registered players taking part in at least one match.

53% of all Voidstar and Alderaan Civil War matches were won by players from Sith Empire, who also seem to enjoy a clear advantage when it comes to overall player numbers.

The most popular game option has been Huttball, used in no less than 39 percent of all the games.

At the moment BioWare is planning to add the possibility of taking on players in one’s own alliance via a new in-faction Warzone.

Other future content planned for the Player versus Players aspect of The Old Republic includes Warzones for characters who have level 50, improvements to matches on Ilum, improvements to the way overall combat works, stat tracking, loot drops for open world engagements and more medals that reward players for playing well with their team.

Overall game improvements, like optimization of the targeting and guard systems, will also improve the PvP.

Another mechanics that will be introduced in the long term is team versus team matches.

Solid PvP mechanics are essential for the success of any MMO, especially in the long term, as players tend to play through all the Player versus Environment content and keep their interest in the game up by engaging with fellow gamers.

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