Star Wars: The Old Republic Delay Is Still a Possibility

The BioWare development is working hard on the MMO to get it ready this year

A delay of Star Wars: The Old Republic might still happen, according to a member of the BioWare team, but the team is working hard and, when everything falls into place, a proper release date will be given, instead of the existing winter 2011 window.

Without a doubt one of the most expected games of the year, at least for Star Wars fan and online gamers, is Star Wars: The Old Republic, the new sci-fi MMORPG from BioWare and Electronic Arts.

The game has been in development for quite some time and is now getting ready to be released. Sadly, neither EA nor BioWare can say for sure when that's going to happen, as there are still quite a lot of things to polish on the project.

Speaking about statements made by EA CFO Eric Brown earlier this month, Star Wars: The Old Republic online community manager Stephen Reid confessed on the game's forums that, while all the teams are working hard, the possibility of a delay still exists.

"We are in active and extensive testing for The Old Republic. We're aiming to release the game in the holiday 2011 window," Reid said. "However, as with any large and complex game project, there's always the possibility of slippage. Always. That is why we have always said we're aiming for that window, because it's possible that unforeseen issues may push the date. Eric Brown is doing what he's paid to do - letting investors know that the possibility exists. A possibility doesn't mean a certainty."

"Despite what doom-sayers may try and tell you, we are still very much aiming to ship in the holiday 2011 window (AKA, before the end of the year)," Reid added. "We're pushing out a major new build, we're getting in our external testers to look at it soon, and then we'll re-start our Game Testing Weekends. Are there risks? Yeah, that goes with game development. Do we think we're getting much, much closer? Yes we do. And when we feel confident about an exact date, you'll get one. Rest assured."

The Old Republic has been a long time coming and it's understandable that the lack of a release date might wear on people's nerves, but it's worth remembering that EA and BioWare are trying to launch a great experience from day one, even if it means that it won't appear as soon as possible.

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