Star Wars Elevator Prank Makes Use of the Force in an Ingenious Manner

The force is used to open and close elevator doors

Pranksters at JesterLads have put being a Star Wars fanatic to good use, devising a clever and very simple prank that manages to amuse and confuse victims in a hidden camera experiment.

Jesters George, Austin participate in an elevator Star Wars prank at King's College in London (KCL).

The premise is very simple: one of them gets inside the elevator acting gloomy and mysterious, with large glasses and a hoodie on, while the other stays behind.

The guy inside the elevator pretends to manipulate the elevator doors by simply putting his hand up and resorting to the force. It appears that he can make the doors open and close as he wishes.

The effect is actually created by a friend that pushes the elevator button over and over again, while lying out of sight.

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