Star Wars 1313 Announced by LucasArts

A mysterious bounty hunter will start in this third-person adventure game

LucasArts has announced a brand new Star Wars game, in the form of Star Wars 1313, a “third person cinematic action adventure” that will see players guide a mysterious bounty hunter through the underworld of Coruscant, one of the many planets from the franchise’s universe.

Star Wars games haven’t exactly marked high points in interactive entertainment as, while some were quite decent, like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, others weren’t so good, like Kinect Star Wars.

Now, LucasArts has announced a new game in the long running franchise, this time developed completely in-house, in the form of Star Wars 1313, which it hopes will set a high point in terms of games based on Star Wars.

“We’re excited to share one of the projects LucasArts has been hard at work developing,” said Paul Meegan, president, LucasArts.

“Star Wars 1313 dives into a part of the Star Wars mythos that we’ve always known existed, but never had a chance to visit. We are committed to bringing the best gameplay experience and visual fidelity to life and I truly believe the work we are showcasing at E3 will speak for itself.”

According to the game’s brief description, it will follow an unnamed bounty hunter as he makes his way through Level 1313, a criminal underground level deep within the planet of Coruscant.

“Named for Level 1313, a ruthless criminal underground deep below the surface of the planet of Coruscant, the game puts players in control of a deadly bounty hunter as he uses an arsenal of exotic weaponry to hunt down his marks and uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy. Star Wars 1313 emphasizes epic set pieces and fast-paced combat with a hero who uses human skills and gadgets, rather than supernatural Force powers, to make his way through this dangerous world,” the game’s description says.

No other details are known just yet, but LucasArts is expected to present the game next week, at E3 2012, in Los Angeles.

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