Star Trek Video Game Is Authentic, Says Paramount Executive

The ideas and themes are linked to the main movie series

Brian Miller, a senior vice president working at Paramount, says that the main aim for his team was to create an authentic experience set in the Star Trek universe for the upcoming video game.

He tells Eurogamer that “We're not a licensed game - we're funding this and making this ourselves. A traditional licensed game, you get a licensor and say they'll give you some money to make the game. This is a game that we're making in-house, and it's been funded by Paramount Pictures from day one.”

Miller adds, “There's a lot of stigma to movie-based games and there have been some that have done it well. But the majority haven't lived up to expectations, and that was something that we've been cautious of since the day we started making this game.”

The new Star Trek video game is taking place after the events of the first movie in the rebooted series and will see Captain Kirk and First Officer Spock try and unravel the mystery of the disappearance of a Vulcan colony.

The main enemies of the game are the Gorn, a race that was first shown in the original Star Trek series in 1967 and has never been explored in full detail.

Players will have to take into account the various abilities of the two main characters and coordinate their actions in order to take out enemies and explore environments to find clues for the story missions.

It’s not yet clear whether the story of the new Star Trek video game will be linked to that of the second series movie, called Star Trek Into Darkness.

The developer working on Star Trek is Digital Extremes, which has previously created The Darkness II and Dark Sector.

Star Trek is set to launch on April 23 in North America and three days later in Europe on the PC, the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

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