Star Trek Online Season 9: A New Accord Will Be Released at the End of April

The upcoming expansion will see the continuation of the Undine threat story arc

Cryptic Studios has announced that Star Trek Online – Season 9: A New Accord will be released sometime next month.

Star Trek Online expands famed creator Gene Roddenberry's vision of a glorious future for humankind, as opposed to the usually grim imaginings of a corrupted society that transforms individuals into drones. The massively multiplayer online role-playing game became free to play at the beginning of 2012, and it has also just launched on Macs on March 11, 2014.

The upcoming Season 9 will pick things up where the last Season 8.5 – A Step Between Stars left off, after the Undine used the link between the Solanae and Jenolan Dyson Spheres to make their way into the Alpha Quadrant.

The Undine are a group of aliens who were first discovered by the Borg in Star Trek Voyager and who, of course, are in conflict with everyone.

The Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Republic have to face a powerful enemy now, with nobody knowing what the Undine are up to. This is what A New Accords seeks to explore, telling the story through a new feature episode which includes a new space battlezone and several queued PvE content pieces designed to tie together the new story arc.

The official Cryptic blog post on the community forums boasts that Season 9: A New Accord is some of the development team's best work yet, and will be slowly revealing each new offering in a series of dev blog posts scheduled for the near future.

The guys behind Star Trek Online are always looking out to add new content to the game, but they keep an eye on existing one as well. As such, the development team has added a number of fixes and improvements, including redesigned Kit items and other revisions which will be explored in the coming weeks.

One such major improvement is the reworking of the Earth Spacedock, the famed hub for Federation Captains. The Star Trek Online team felt it was somewhat confining and not a fun place to visit; therefore, they came out with a re-imagined ESD that will prove to be a truly stunning place to be in.

Star Trek Online Season 9: A New Accord will be launched into the world sometime in late April, and until then players can enjoy some fun events that have already been incorporated into the Holodeck shard, as well as keep an eye out for incoming preview blogs.

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