“Star Trek Into Darkness” Gets Awesome Motion Poster

Same poster, now with more debris, fire and Benedict Cumberbatch’s intoxicating voice

Since all major movie studios now promoting a hyped film have found a new gimmick to boost fans’ interest in it – that of motion posters –, “Star Trek Into Darkness,” admittedly one of the most anticipated releases of 2013, wasn’t going to be the exception.

Check out the official motion poster for J. J. Abrams’ insanely hyped sequel below.

It’s not that much different from the original, non-moving teaser poster, except that it includes more debris, more fire and, most importantly of all, Benedict Cumberbatch’s intoxicating voice.

Fans who have been keeping an eye on the promo campaign for the film will notice immediately that the lines uttered in the background are lifted from the official trailer so, no, this motion poster doesn’t bring anything new per se.

Even so, it’s incredibly awesome, wouldn’t you agree?

“Star Trek Into Darkness” will be out on May 17.

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