“Star Trek Into Darkness” Featurette: J.J. Abrams’ Biggest Movie to Date

Video highlights action, extraordinary FX, brings too little new footage

He’s kept quiet for so long on his brand new film, “Star Trek Into Darkness,” but with the release date looming near, J.J. Abrams is finally ready to start talking about it. Check out a new “Star Trek Into Darkness” featurette above.

It includes a few comments from the director and stars Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana on how awesome and action packed the film will be, as well as footage from the official trailer.

However, if you look hard enough, I think there are at least two action / fighting scenes squeezed in there that I don’t recall seeing in the trailer. I could be wrong, though.

Bottom line: J.J. Abrams calls this his most fun and challenging film ever, which is like all his movies put together. He also says the IMAX and 3D will truly make it worth the premium ticket price.

“Star Trek Into Darkness” will be out in theaters in May 2013.

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