Star-Shaped Cataract Developed by Man Who Got Punched in the Eye

Cataracts are known to form after the eye gets hit, most are cloud-shaped

A team of researchers writing in the New England Journal of Medicine describe the case of a 55-year-old Austrian man who developed a star-shaped cataract after getting hit in the eye.

Although the scientific community is all too familiar with the fact that cataracts stand to form after an individual's eye suffers a physical trauma, a star-shaped cataract is not something doctors get to see all that often.

This is because most of them are cloud-shaped, My Health News Daily reports.

The researchers who examined and helped treat this patient explain that the star-shaped cataract was caused by the blow's sending shock waves through the man's eye.

This trauma translated into the eye's lens' becoming opaque in certain areas.

In order to treat this man, the doctors made use of sound waves and succeeded in breaking up the affected part of his lens. Later on, the opaque regions were removed with the help of a vacuum.

This medical procedure is known to the scientific community as phacoemulsification.

A video showing how this procedure is performed is made available to you below.

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