Star Citizen Backers Won't Get to Fly Their Ships Yet

The developer stated that this setback will not delay the final version of the game

Star Citizen's devs have delayed the release of the much anticipated Dogfighting Module that would have allowed their supporters to take their ships for a spin in the vastness of space.

Chris Roberts, creator of the Wing Commander series while back at Origin, is currently working on his crowd-funded space opera sim Star Citizen.

The game's Kickstarter campaign gathered 35K backers and raised more than four times its ambitious goal, marking another crowd-funding blockbuster story.

In a recent address on the Cloud Imperium Games Corp blog, Chris Roberts announced that the team has decided to push back the preliminary Dogfighting Module they intended to release at the end of the month.

However, this is not necessarily indicative of a further delay of the final release, as pointed out by GameInformer.

“We've been debating internally what would be the best use of time and resources for the overall development of the game, to keep as close as possible to our original schedule of the Alpha of Star Citizen's Persistent Universe towards the end of 2014, and the public release 2015,” Roberts explained.

He stated that he initially intended to launch a preliminary version of the space combat module in order to attract attention, and then throw away the content and build better one with the newly acquired funds.

However, the success of Star Citizen has been a surprise that allowed for the grand-scale changes to be implemented from the get-go, and the larger team is now working on a more definitive version of the engine that is not yet ready for testing.

He closed by inviting people to witness the team's two-hour live stream scheduled for Friday, December 20, at 9 AM PST / 17:00 GMT, during which they will reveal the updates on Squadron 42, The Hangar and Dogfighting.

For more information, the contents of the entire address can be found on the official developer blog.

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