Standard NVIDIA GeForce Titan Graphics Card Memory Is 6 GB

The next-generation video board will have around twenty 2 Gb chips

In late January, it came out that the arrival of the fabled GeForce Titan graphics card, based on the GK110 graphics processing units, would happen sometime this year. Now we have a bit more info on it.

Then again, the latest report about the video board is more of a confirmation of previous rumors than anything else.

The general specs of the board have been known since January 21 after all (2013), and the price was revealed roughly ten days later ($800 / 589-800 Euro).

Now, SweClockers is saying something that people may have already guessed about the card, but which some may have thought was too good to be true, or only available to premium customers.

The video board really will have 6 GB of GDDR5 VRAM memory by default.

That puts it well ahead of not just the GeForce GTX 680 (which has 2 GB standard) but also the AMD Radeon HD 7900 series (3 GB standard).

There are a few non-reference GTX 690 card with 4 GB, just as there are Radeon HD 7900 with 6 GB, but they are just that: non-reference.

That said, in order to achieve the 6 GB, NVIDIA will have to somehow cram around twenty 2 Gb chips (6,144 MB), meaning that both sides of the PCB will have them. A cooling backplate is expected.

Had 4 Gb chips been more viable from a marketing perspective, they would have been used instead. Of course, with a price of $899 / 662-899 Euro, they still might really.

And this is the second piece of information from SweClockers that clashes with previous reports: the price will be of $899 / 662-899 Euro instead of the $800 / 589-800 Euro mentioned above.

The NVIDIA GeForce Titan GK110-based graphics card will have a memory interface of 384 bits.

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