St. Mary’s Bank Warns 115,775 New Hampshire Residents After Malware Incident

Screen-grabbing malware was found on 23 computers

Last week, New Hampshire-based St. Mary’s Bank, a credit union regulated by the New Hampshire Banking Department, started alerting customers after a piece of malware was discovered on several of the organization’s computers.

A total of 115,775 New Hampshire residents are being notified.

The malware infection was spotted on the computer of one St. Mary’s employee on May 26. After a computer security consulting firm analyzed the breach, it was determined that 23 workstations had been compromised.

The malware, designed to capture screenshots, was on the computers since February 2013.

So far, there’s no evidence that sensitive information such as social security numbers, account information, and transaction records have been stolen.

Impacted customers are offered one year of complementary credit monitoring and ID theft protection services via Experian.

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